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Jeppesen v et al

$1,095,000.00 Settlement

Attorney Bernie Allen finalized a settlement concerning the following case. Davis County resident, a long haul truck driver, came over a rise in the I-15 freeway to find that a California driver had lost the load in his rooftop carrier and it was spread about the road with people scurrying about trying to pick up the mess. Unfortunately, no one thought to run up the freeway to signal the problem ahead. When Jeppesen came upon the scene he knew he could not stop in time and maneuvered his loaded semi into the median to avoid injuring others at the scene.

He attempted to swing back onto the road but the truck flipped injuring Jeppesen. When he came into my office I knew I would have to associate with my friend and colleague and also an exceptional personal injury attorney, Jon Remmel, of Remmel and Speer in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the accident occurred there. The combination proved to be very effective as we proceeded against the driver and the roof rack manufacturer and obtained a million + settlement for Mr. Jeppesen while manuevering through difficult allegations of comparative negligence.

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